IAE Recommended Reading List

Title Author ISBN# Pub Date Publisher Notes
Baikal, Sacred Sea of Siberia Peter Mattheissen 0-87156-584-6 92 Sierra Club  
Beyond Ararat Bettina Selby   93 Abacus A look at cycling along the Turkish Black Sea coast. She seems to spend most of her time hitching, but it still offers insights into an area about which little is written
Central Asia, 2nd edition Giles Whittell 1860110762 Jun-96 Pequot Press Awesome book by a seasoned traveler revelling in unique lands and peoples
Cycling to Xian       Lonely Planet Pub. A lame cyclist whines about biking a small distance
Danziger's Travels Nick Danziger   85 Flamingo A must read for any aspiring adventure traveller. A (laregely illegal) trek across Persia to China
Full Tilt Dervla Murphy   65 Century Pub. A classic on cycling iin Persia before bicycle touring was cool, or even conceivable
Georgian Feast         Georgian food, culture, and traditions encapsulated in delicious brevity
Himalayan Passage Jeremy Schmidt   91 Mountaineers Books Tales of a meandering trail of backpackers through Tibet before the tourist throngs
Lonely Planet - Central Asia       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - China       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - India & Bangladesh       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Karakoram Hiway       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Mongolia Paul Greenway et al 0 864425007 Jun-97 Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Mongolian Phrasebook       Lonely Planet Pub. Very useful and cheap
Lonely Planet - Nepal       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Pakistan       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Russia, Ukraine & Belarus       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Russian Phrasebook       Lonely Planet Pub. Very useful and cheap
Lonely Planet - Tibet       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Turkey       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Lonely Planet - Turkish Phrasebook       Lonely Planet Pub. Very useful and cheap
Lonely Planet - Ukrainian Phrasebook       Lonely Planet Pub.  
Medicine for Mountaineering James Wilkerson     The Mountaineers Great medical advice for adventure travelers
Nations and Peoples: The Soviet Experience Marilyn Bechtel & Daniel Rosenberg 0-916972-08-9 84 New World Review Pub. Chock full of good Soviet propaganda
Nomads of Western Tibet: The Survival of a Way of Life Melvyn Goldstein & Cynthia Beall   90 U. of Cal. Press  
Off the Map Mark Jenkins       Great travel tale of first guys to bike across the USSR
Seven Years in Tibet Heinrich Harrier       Early adventure travel classic
Tibetan Phrasebook Bloomfield and Tshering   87 Snow Lion Pub. Utterly useless. Full of such phrases as 'is that a buddist monk circumambulating the monestary?" and "is that an authentic prayer mask."
Tibet: A Politicial History Tsepon W.D. Shakabpa   84 Potala Publications The foremost Tibetan historian writing in English
The Changing World of Mongolia's Nomads Melvyn Goldstein & Cynthia Beall 0-520-08551-5 94 U. of Cal. Press Beautiful book about post-Soviet rural Mongolian life
Georgia: A Sovereign Country of the Caucasus Roger Rosen ISBN #962-217-502-3 99 Odyssey Publications Awesome Georgian travel guide book
The Lost Heart of Central Asia Colin Thubron   94 Harper Perennial A relatively up to date look at post-Soviet life in the Central Asia republics.
Trans-Siberian Handbook, 4th edition   187375616X Feb-98 Seven Hills Book Dist.  
Trekking in Russia and Central Asia : A Traveler's Guide Frith Maier 898863554 94 Mountaineers Books Unique book chock full of hikes in very exotic formerly Soviet locales

also highly recommended to check a plethora of articles from back issues of the National Geographic

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