July 17
64 km time 3:19
5745 km to date
Torugart Pass, China
Border crossing drama with peace corps guys Ben and Mike.

July 18
120 km
5865 km to date
Pull up into John's Cafe at Seman Hotel. Meet John Hannon, from Vancouver. Go for cay at Uyquer cafe later that night.

In Kashgar, this blacksmith made new clips for Alex's panniers.

July 21
135 km time 7:14, climb 1290m
6000 km to date
Ghez, China
Leave Kashgar with manager dragging off back of bikes. Want 200 yuan for shower damage. No problem at Ghez checkpoint despite our paranoia.

Leaving Kashgar.

July 22
128 km time 7:17, climb 1745m
6128 km to date
30km before Taxkurgan, China
Pass Kongur and Mutztagh Ata but dust storm obstructs view. Chinese student wants to speak to us but doesn't say a word. Camp in shell of a house, very windy
Outside Pakistan.

July 23
140 km time 7:02, climb 1100m
6268 km to date
Khunjerab Pass, China
Lunch in Taxkurgan. Charged extra after having eaten. People loner. Gas attack before dinner. Al hears "Free Willy 2" preview on radio

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