August 7
58 km
7073 km to date
Delhi, India
Chmologically fucked up. Long R&R in Islamabad. Alex recovers and eats husk.
Bus to Lahore and ride across border to Amritsar. Night "Deluxe Coach" to Delhi.

August 8
Taj Mahal, Agra India
The crammed in twice as long return to Delhi.

August 9 144 km time 7:00 7217 km to date Aligarh, India Chaos, din' moist. Gray drizzle leaving Delhi, like the dying seconds of a Centipede video game. Horking snotballs at oncoming buses that don't yield. Dinner "Kwality"

Mud, filth, and cows in the streets.

August 10
128 km time 6:30
7345 km to date
Alignj, India
Last town of the day crowd chases us into small courtyard. We want only privacy and a Coke. Bananas wrapped in nan "ba-NAN-a" main diet. Worst hotel of trip.

August 11
183 km 7528 km to date
Kanpur, India
Free range monkeys, cobra around a dude's neck. Water Buffalo lounge in muck to cool huge, sweaty, hydes. "Tourist Bungalow" a change from last night.

No leg, no clothes, a pretty pathetic guy.

August 12
130 km time 5:30
7658 km to date
Baribanki, India
"Sir, these people are dying." Dinner with overly polite rich kids. 20 km by 1 pm. Cruise after nightmare sending mail and changing money. Chaffing is killing me.

August 13
179 km 5:30
7837 km to date
Basti, India
Anive late into town and struggle in dark to find hotel. Star Wars bar scene in restaurant as rain comes pouring down. Ceiling fan fails throughout the night.

August 14
120 km
7957 km to date
Pharenda, India
Find the road workers resthouse and are hosted by Hansh, former MP who gives us poverty stats on India. Rickshaw ride into town for dinner.

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