July 7
149 km time 7:21, climb 940m
4719 km to date
Karakul, Kyrgyzstan
I narrowly avoid running over two children. Al buys Tajikistan Marathon l-shirt at Uzbek border station. I get flat at dusk in tunnel. Brandt fries potatos and boils corn endlessly into the night.

July 8
115 km time 6:37, climb 1480m
4834 km to date
Toktogul, Kyrgyzstan
Lunch in Karakul. Exchange money with "liquor store guy". Long circuit around Toktogul reservoir. Fish for dinner and storms all around us.
Lake Toctogal.

July 9
119 km time 8:54, climb 2850m
4953 km to date
top of Toktogul Pass, Kyrgyzstan
Brandt leaves us at Toktugul market. Climb all day, 2850 m ascent today, trip single day record. Weather kicks our ass half way. Camp next to yurt.

Toregard pass, on the Karkoram Hiway.

July 10
160 km
5113 km to date
Chayek, Kyrgyzstan
Legendary day. Big downhill with 10,000 yard fairways. Lunch with Kamaz trucks. Stay in Chayek Gastinetza as storms follow us all day. Follow Susamyr river all day.
Stormy one minute, sunny the next.

July 11
192 km, peak elev 2700m
5305 km to date
Issek-Kul, Kyrgyzstan
More rain and cold follow. can't find food, only "magazin zakritee" in each town. paved roads disappear
Over 2200 m. flat tire at sunset with town in sight.

40% of this country is over 12,000 feet.

July 13
153 km time 8:00, climb 1550m, peak elev 3100rr
5458 km to date
40 km before Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
Good start in morning backtracking to Kochkora to head south to Naryn. Rain kicks again at a cay stop.
Drunk guys fight as we take off. Sary Bulak, everyone's drunk.

July 14
120 km time 6:36, climb 1380m
5579 km to date
100 km before Torugart Pass
Lunch in Naryn at Muhammed's place with Jasamine. Trying to find Out if border is open on weekends. Our city guide, "remember me, Alex.

Yak herding by mountain bike...
... and dinner that Doug slaughtered in this family's Yurt. You get the honorarium Order of Motherhood, 1st class if you have 10 kids.
On the Chinese border, not all border guards are what they appear.
July 15
101 km time 7:08, climb 1650m
5681 km to date
Torugart Pass, Kyrgyzstan
Destroy watchtower dummy. Al breaks spoke early. Drunk guys won't let us pass. We have two days to kill at 3700 m.

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