These are questions and comments we've gotten since our trek. Hopefully these will be useful to people who are thinking about doing something similar. Also hopefully, no one will mind that we posted their messages - if so, let me know.

Intro Turkey Ukraine Russia Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan
China Pakistan India Nepal Tibet China Mongolia

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   1  Mar00 Tugrul Hakioglu    inner asian cycling expedition--Dear Nathan, I w
   2  Sep56 woodring lab user  cycling in asia--I am planning a year long cycle
   3  May96 Norma Polanco      Psycho Tashkent woman strikes again! Details at 
   4  Jun96 Norma Polanco      Introductory issue of "Time Out--Uzbek edition."
   5  Jul96 Norma Polanco      I got my first crazie!--Hey Nate, 'sup? Not much
   6  Jul96 Norma Polanco      I'm backkkkk!!!!--25 July 1996 Hey all, As you c
   7  Aug96 Brandt Haagensen   YabadabadoooOOO!!--Hey Nathan How's it goin? How
   8  Oct96 "Guy M. Trotter"   Inner asia expedition--Hi Nathan, Thanks for put
   9  Oct96 To:[email protected]  more questions--------- =_aaaaaaaaaa0 Content-Ty
  10  Dec96 To:Kevan Harder    Re: information about your asian trip--- - Thank
  11  Dec96 "Silverfoot Activ  very cool--Nathan, Long time no contact. I've be
  12  Dec96 STAN TORRES        bike trip--We enjoyed your bike trip on the inte
  13  Dec96 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: very cool--Nathan, I was corresponding with 
  14  Jan97 Scott Stanford     Tell it like it is!--Way cool! You guys should p
  15  Jan97 Frans W Corneliss  Tibet, Nepal, Xinjiang, Qinjai--Dear Nathan, I j
  16  Jan97 Paula Antonello    --Nathan, you don't know me but I am an old frie
  17  Jan97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: over 1000 served--I'm a bit tied up this wee
  18  Jan97 LabUser            turkmenistan--I can't believed you biked through
  19  Jan97 Joakim Hulten      Bicycling in Nepal, the Terei--Hello Nathan ! My
  20  Jan97 To:Joakim Hulten   Re: Bicycling in Nepal, the Terei--- Hello Natha
  21  Jan97 To:[email protected]  Got any advice for this guy?--Received: from gor
  22  Feb97 "Alastair Senior"  biking in asia--Nathan Hi - I am just reading yo
  23  Feb97 Brandt Haagensen   subject--Hey Nathan, Just saw that wonderful qui
  24  Feb97 [email protected]  InnerAsia Expedition 95--Nathan, I cannot tell y
  25  Feb97 Kevin McLaughlin   Inner Asia--Hi Nathan, My name is Kevin McLaughl
  26  Feb97 russ               Re: cool trip!--Nathan Rutman wrote: - - - - Abs
  27  Feb97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: tour guides?--Nathan, I wrote that guy that 
  28  Mar97 MRS LYDIA POLANCO  It's me again..part ii--Well, on to shopping. Lo
  29  Mar97 charlie mccurdy    yer bike piece--
  30  Mar97 To:[email protected]  Re: Biking Across Asia--- Nathan, - - I just add
  31  Mar97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: well this is an odd development--Hey Nathan!
  32  Mar97 To:"Silverfoot Ac  Re: well this is an odd development--Sorry I did
  33  Mar97 Kevin McLaughlin   Re: well this is an odd development--Nathan, Sor
  34  Mar97 Charlie McCurdy    Re: well this is an odd development--At 03:06 PM
  35  Mar97 "Dale C. Myers"    To Lanzhou by Bus???--Dear Nathan, I am about to
  36  Mar97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: turkey contact--These guys from Taponline ha
  37  Mar97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: china boy--Hi again, Nath Here's what I wrot
  38  Mar97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: Taponline--Hey Nathan, I agree with you 100%
  39  Mar97 Darrell Bowman     Bike trip--Wow, what an amazing trip. This would
  40  Apr97 Brian Rothkopf     mountain biking Nepal--Nathan You trip sounds li
  42  Apr97 To:Paul Hare       Re: inner asia expedition--- "shalom"nathan, - f
  43  Apr97 To:[email protected]  Re: YOUR AMAZING TRIP--- Dear Nathan, - - You ca
  44  Apr97 getty              bike tour--I think your trans-Asia biking advent
  45  Apr97 To:Paul Hare       Re: inner asia expedition--- "shalom" nathan, - 
  46  Apr97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: bigger journal? Faq?--Hey Nathan, Yup, I've 
  47  Apr97 "Silverfoot Activ  bike trip questions---Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 12:
  48  Apr97 Paul Hare          inner asia expedition--"shalom" nathan, once mor
  49  Apr97 "Greg Caire"       Cycling in Western Tibet--Hi Nathan, My name's G
  50  May97 "Silverfoot Activ  Tibet--Hi Greg, Glad you liked Nathan's site. Ev
  51  May97 To:[email protected]  espanol?--------- =_aaaaaaaaaa0 MIME-Version: 1.
  52  May97 To:La Media        Re: JUAN CARLOS PEREZ ( TUMBELINO)--- SOY COLOMB
  53  May97 To:[email protected]  El primero pedazo--This is a multipart MIME mess
  54  May97 DRUMMOND           Hi you people--my name is Pavel and I m from the
  55  May97 To:[email protected]  Re: request premission to link--- We would like 
  56  May97 Waltraud Schulze   Your Asia Expediton--Hi! I saw your website on y
  57  May97 [email protected]  Visas for Central Asia - Silk Road--Four fellows
  58  May97 "Silverfoot Activ  Re: visas--Hey Nathan, Alex is definitely the vi
  59  May97 Rory Looney        --Nathan, Hi, My name is Rory, I really enjoyed 
  60  Jun97 Grzegorz Malewicz  Bicycle Expedition--Hi I've recently read the ar
  61  Jun97 Luca Torre         --Hi man, I have just been in the site about you
  62  Jun97 "Dipesh Hinduja"   I am impressed.--I was just looking through your
  63  Jun97 To:"Dipesh Hinduj  Re: I am impressed.--- I was just looking throug
  64  Jun97 To:Luca Torre      --- Hi man, - I have just been in the site about
  65  Jul97 getty              Re: bike tour--Nathan Rutman wrote: - - - I thin
  66  Aug97 "Marilene Machado  --This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -
  67  Aug97 Olga Miller        Kropotkin--Hi Nathan, I read your expedition pag
  68  Aug97 Brandt Haagensen   Re: As far as I remember, there was nothing memo
  69  Aug97 Brandt Haagensen   Re: As far as I remember, there was nothing memo
  70  Aug97 Soulard            Wow, what a trip!--I am really impressed. Nice i
  71  Sep97 Bren Divall        West-East through Tibet--Dear Nathan , I love yo
  72  Sep97 Brandt Haagensen   Re: tibet questions--Hey Bren, - My main questio
  73  Sep97 "J. Daniel Rutz"   Inter Asia Expedition--Nathan, I really enjoyed 
  74  Sep97 kirgizbayev nodir  letter--Hi, Nathan! My name is Nodirjon(Jon) Kir
  75  Sep97 John Weiss         Your Trans-Asia Trip--Hi Nathan, I emailed you a
  76  Sep97 Gotti              Innerasia--Hello, just caught your website. Enjo
  77  Oct97 Alex Tilson        Re: Bicycle Expedition---Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 1
  78  Oct97 Alex Tilson        Re: Bicycle Expedition---Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 1
  79  Oct97 Alex Tilson        Kurds--Hey guys, There is a good article (with b
  80  Oct97 Alex Tilson        Georgia stuff--Dear Doug and Nathan, This is fro
  81  Oct97 Alex Tilson        we can certainly change this for us...---Date: F
  82  Nov97 Tham Wai Yong      Pakistan--Hi there. I'm a final-year med. studen
  83  Nov97 Porter Erisman     Howdy Nathan--Hi Nathan, I was just surfing the 
  84  Nov97 Julian Cook        EXCELLENT TRIP!--Hey Nathan! I own an internet s
  85  Nov97 Julian Cook        OOOOOPS! It's on your site already!--Apologies N
  86  Dec97 tibet Beijing Off  [Fwd: (no subject)]--Message-ID: [email protected]
  87  Dec97 tibet Beijing Off  (no subject)--Tibet Foreign Trade Travel Service
  88  Dec97 Martin Lesak       Expedition/trawel to Russia.--hello , I hawe a t
  89  Jan98 "Jamaluddin Panhw  Thank You Pictures Pakistan--Dear Nathan Re: You
  90  Jan98 Nadia Miskawi      Inner Asia Expedition--Bravo Nathan! I really en
  91  Jan98 Alex Tilson        Re: kind of funny--Dear Jamaluddin, thanks for y
  92  Jan98 [email protected]  message--Dear sirs It is the Mongolian Travel co
  93  Jan98 david wilson       hello--i enjoyed reading your pages-i was wonder
  94  Jan98 Neil Kearns        Bike tour.--Impressed by your ride. Hella intere
  95  Feb98 "Irfan K."         Asia 95--I was just surfing around and stumbled 
  96  Feb98 "Mark Snyder"      Central Asia Cycle Trip/Maps--Hello Alex, Doug, 
  97  Feb98 Neil Kearns        Thanks for the leads!--Just curious.., Been on a
  98  Feb98 Ozgur Can Leonard  Torugart Pass--Hi, I'm a great fan of you guys' 
  99  Feb98 Run The Planet     Running in Uzbekistan--To whom it may concern: A
 100  Feb98 Alex Tilson        Re:--Dear Can, thanks for your interest. To get 
 101  Mar98 Alex Tilson        Re: Nice trip.---Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 14:31:17
 102  Apr98 "waverley"         Hi--Checked out your site. loads of great pics. 
 103  Apr98 Todd Caplan        biking china--Howdy Nathan, My wife and I will b
 104  May98 Emma Slade         about your asia trip--Hi! Just read all about yo
 105  May98 To:[email protected]  Re: about your asia trip--- Hi! Just read all ab
 106  May98 Marek Kirs         turkmenistan--Hello Nathan, just wanted to say t
 107  May98 "Choi, Laurie (Li  hi nathan--very impressive website you've got. I
 108  May98 Marek Kirs         Re: turkmenistan--Hello Nathan, I did put up you
 109  May98 George Hofheimer   Excellent site--Nathan, Thoroughly enjoyed the s
 110  May98 "mmoonniinn uunng  Re: hi nathan--yes, in Hong Kong. the talk is sc
 111  May98 "Edward \"Ted\" V  Asia bike trip--What a great page you have. I di
 112  May98 To:"Edward \"Ted\  Re: Asia bike [email protected] said: -
 113  May98 Ed Van Tassel      Derge?--Hi, I want to go to Derge, Kham, to visi
 114  May98 "Edward \"Ted\" V  More on the Bike Trip--Dear Brandt and Nathan, T
 115  Jun98 "mmoonniinn uunng  Re: hi nathan--no, I was thinking if you could l
 116  Jun98 Karl Yap           Inner Asia Expedition '95--Nathan, Enjoyed readi
 117  Jun98 PATRICK            quick question--Regarding your nice web page ent
 118  Jun98 Rupert             Your bike journey--Nathan Very impressed by your
 119  Jun98 "somchahow"        --This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -
 120  Jun98 Monika Krawczyk    uzbekistan and me--Dear Nathan, Greetings to you
 121  Jun98 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: Gobi---Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:42:01 
 122  Jun98 "Monika Krawczyk"  Re: uzbekistan and me--Dear Natan, Thanks for re
 123  Jul98 "Ben Green"        Biking from Golmud - Lhasa - KMD--Nathan You're 
 124  Jul98 "tommy v. norman"  --hi, just read all of your asian trip stuff. gr
 125  Jul98 "Ben Green"        Re: Biking from Golmud - Lhasa - KMD--Nathan Tha
 126  Jul98 [email protected]     A very cool website...--Very cool Inner-Asia bik
 127  Jul98 To:[email protected]  Re: A very cool website...--Thanks! Always glad 
 128  Jul98 Habit Cafe Public  Bikiing in Central Asia--Dear Nathan, Hello and 
 129  Jul98 "Emma Julia Carru  Central Asia--Nathan, Hello, I think I just sent
 130  Jul98 To:"Monika Krawcz  Re: uzbekistan and me--Sorry, been busy. - - is 
 131  Aug98 "Rosa Hernandez C  I need your help--Hi, my name is adri n Hern nde
 132  Aug98 To:"Emma Julia Ca  Re: Central Asia--for our visa info, see http://
 133  Aug98 Jim                hello--Hi Nathan, how are you? I've been reading
 134  Aug98 Alex Tilson        Re: IAE 95 maps--Dear Nathan, The TPC maps (tact
 135  Aug98 To:[email protected]  Re: hello--- Hi Nathan, how are you? - - I've be
 136  Sep98 "C G Hill"         Your Cycling Trip--This is a multi-part message 
 137  Sep98 "C G Hill"         Elista Trip--This is a multi-part message in MIM
 138  Sep98 [email protected]      Question regarding finding a russian speaking pe
 139  Sep98 To:[email protected]   Re: Question regarding finding a russian speakin
 140  Sep98 Patrick Macbeath   Asia Bike Trip Web Page--Hi Nathan, Just wanted 
 141  Oct98 Joseph Brugman     mongolia--Nathan, I liked your page on inner Asi
 142  Oct98 "=?iso-8859-1?B?S  --This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -
 143  Oct98 "Aaron Thies"      --I cannot believe you even finished this trip. 
 144  Oct98 Aaron Thies        Advice?--Nathan, I reread the mail that I sent t
 145  Oct98 atilson            Dear Arrogant Idiot--Dear Aaron, You really have
 146  Oct98 atilson            YOur Trip--Dear Aaron, I lived in Palo Alto for 
 147  Oct98 atilson            Trip Plans----=====================_17051391==_.
 148  Oct98 To:Aaron Thies     Re: Advice?--- Nathan, - - I reread the mail tha
 149  Oct98 atilson            Re: Dear Arrogant Idiot--Dear Aaron, Ok, you see
 150  Oct98 Ola Flodin         Bicycle Touring--Hi Nathan, I read about your In
 151  Oct98 To:Ola Flodin      Re: Bicycle Touring--Try the newsgroups rec.bicy
 152  Oct98 "=?iso-8859-1?B?S  --This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -
 153  Oct98 Alex Tilson        Re:--Dear Torsten, Ah, the fabled John's Cafe in
 154  Oct98 Alex Tilson        Add to website--Dear Nathan, I received this inf
 155  Nov98 "peter schurmann"  Bike Tour--Hey Nathan, I came across your journa
 156  Nov98 To:"peter schurma  Re: Bike Tour--- Hey Nathan, - I came across you
 157  Nov98 Alex Tilson        howdy--Dear Nathan, Emails like that always crac
 158  Nov98*To:Alex Tilson     Re: howdy--- Dear Nathan, - Emails like that alw
 159  Nov98 Alex Tilson        Re: howdy--Dear Nathan, I told the guy that he c
 160  Nov98 Jin hee soo        dont write like that , u dumber--mongolia is not
 161  Nov98 "Chris Hatherly"   cycletouring in Russia--Dear Nathan, I have just
 162  Dec98 "Denis Zagloubots  from Denis Zagloubotski--Hi Nathan ! My name is 
 163  Dec98 "Denis Zagloubots  from Denis--Hi Nathan ! One sheet of map 1:500,0
 164  Dec98 Alex Tilson        Fwd: a big one--Dear Nathan, Here is a cc on the
 165  Jan99 Slim Hamdani       link--Hi I have just linked your website on my p
 166  Jan99 To:Stephen Trott   Re: trip plan--Doug's email is [email protected]
 167  Jan99 Stephen Trott & J  trip plan--Hello Nathan, We're two Canadians in 
 168  Feb99 Alex Tilson        Re: blowin' in the wind--Dear Stephen, Winds are
 169  Feb99 Jorgen Schelleman  Trip from Holland-Turkey-Japan--Hello dear bicyc
 170  Feb99 Alex Tilson        Re: this sounds cool--Dear Jorgen, My name is Al
 171  Mar99 [email protected]  Travels--Hi Nathan, great story!! Spent ages goi
 172  Apr99 Charlie Bartholom  Great Trip--Thanks for taking the time to give t
 173  Apr99 Dan Dmytryshyn     Inner Asia Expedition--Your bike trip was very c
 174  Apr99 To:Dan Dmytryshyn  Re: Inner Asia Expedition--- Your bike trip was 
 175  May99 TAN Wee-Cheng      Trans-Siberia--Hi, I made a mistake with respect
 176  May99 "John Evensen"     --This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -
 177  Jun99 Brian Lau          Chna Bike Tour--This guy probably packed even mo
 178  Aug99 enrique chelminsk  besides cycling--This is a multi-part message in
 179  Aug99 To:enrique chelmi  Re: besides cycling--- Nathan: - Did anything in
 180  Aug99 Ty Alexander       Uzbekistan--Hey, Like many others, I enjoyed you
 181  Aug99 To:"[email protected]  Re: Uzbekistan--- Hey, - Like many others, I enj
 182  Aug99 Alex Tilson        --Dear Ty, Glad to hear that you liked the site.
 183  Sep99 Joseph Nowarski    your tour to tibet--Nathan, I visited your site 
 184  Oct99 "Peter Furphy"     another epic biker!--Gday Nathan, First of all, 
 185  Oct99*To:"Peter Furphy"  Re: another epic [email protected] sai
 186  Oct99 "Nadia Moszkowicz  Inner Asia Expedition--Hi Nathan, I read with gr
 187  Oct99 "Peter Furphy"     Map address--Thanks heaps Nathan, The site is a 
 188  Oct99 To:"Peter Furphy"  Re: Map address--- Thanks heaps Nathan, - - The 
 189  Oct99 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: Inner Asia Expedition--Dear Nadia, Glad
 190  Oct99 Alex Tilson        additions to web site--Dear Nathan, I'm working 
 191  Oct99 Alex Tilson        more for web site----=====================_94014
 192  Oct99 Alex Tilson        more IAX----=====================_940160645==_ C
 193  Oct99 Alex Tilson        hot links----=====================_941109181==_ 
 194  Dec99 Owen Williams      Bike Trip--Hey Nathan. My name is Owen Williams 
 195  Dec99 To:Owen Williams   Re: Bike Trip--Great to hear about your trip! I'
 196  Dec99 To:"alastair hump  Re: web site--- Nathan, - I am planning a cycle 
 197  Dec99 [email protected]  Incredible journeys--Wow! The only place that se
 198  Dec99 Alex Tilson        More to add to the web site--Dear Nathan, When y
 199  Nov99 Alex Tilson        web site--Dear Nathan, Got this catalog in the m
 200  Jan00 Douglas Sage       Re: praise - hey Al, I got your updates done.--N
 201  Jan00 To:Douglas Sage    Re: praise - hey Al, I got your updates done.---
 202  Jan00 Douglas Sage       Re: praise - hey Al, I got your updates done.--n
 203  Jan00 "Ramu Sapkota"     Greetings from the Himalaya.--This is a multi-pa
 204  Jan00 [email protected]      advice on the kkh--a brief epistle from the othe
 205  Jan00 To:[email protected]  kkh questions--Received: from
 206  Jan00 To:[email protected]  more china--Received: from (
 207  Jan00 "Chris Hatherly"   Cycling in China--Hi Nathan, you may not remembe
 208  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Re: more china---html--div-Dear Chris,-/div- -di
 209  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Re: kkh questions---html--div-Dear JB,-/div- -di
 210  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: the big blue marle--Dear Powderpig (aka Owe
 211  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: ride in Tibet---html- -div--/d
 212  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: ride in Tibet---html- -div->
 213  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: ride in Tibet---html- -div->Date: Th
 214  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: ride in Tibet---html- -div->Date: Th
 215  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: ride in Tibet---html- -div->Date: Th
 216  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: Inner Asia Expedition---html- 
 217  Jan00 Alex Tilson        Re: biking trip sponsorship---html- Dear Yannick
 218  Jan00 "Silk Road Advent  offer--This is a multi-part message in MIME form
 219  Jan00 "Silk Road Advent  Fw: itineraries--This is a multi-part message in
 220  Feb00 "Willy Seghers"    Lhasa and Tibet--This is a multi-part message in
 221  Feb00 "plorigon"         Enquiry--This is a multi-part message in MIME fo
 222  Mar00 "hovig baghdassar  im in the game--if ever you need sombody to join
 223  Mar00 "hans gruber"      Torugart Pass--Hi, i found your website, while i
 224  Mar00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: im in the game (fwd)---html--div-Dear Hovig
 225  Mar00 Alex Tilson        Re: Torugart Pass (fwd)---html--div-Dear Hans,-/
 226  Apr00 "Dilly dagistan"   cool!!--Hi there nathan, I'm doing this project 
 227  Apr00 "mona"             invitation to become an expert--This is a multi-
 228  Apr00 Alex Tilson        Re: invitation to become an arzoo expert---html-
 229  Apr00 "chrisjasmith"     Cycle Travel to Tibet--This is a multi-part mess
 230  Apr00 "Chris Smith"      Entry into Tibet--Hullo Nathan. I am intending t
 231  Apr00 Alex Tilson        Re: Cycle Travel to Tibet (fwd)---html- Dear Chr
 232  May00 Alex Tilson        Re: Cycle Travel to Tibet (fwd)---html--div-Dear
 233  May00 Brent Mensen       Kathmandu to Lhasa--Hey Nathan(?) I'm planning a
 234  May00*To:[email protected]  Re: Central Asia--- Surfing the net tonight and 
 235  May00 [email protected]  Central Asia--Surfing the net tonight and stumbl
 236  May00 Doug Sage          Re: Kathmandu to Lhasa--Brent, Thanks for feedba
 237  May00 [email protected]    Travel--Hi Nathan, I read your website and saw y
 238  May00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: FW: Travel---html--div-Dear Tay,-/div- -div
 239  May00 Doug Sage          Re: Fwd: FW: Travel--Alex, If Tay has any follow
 240  Jun00 "Viehoff Ivan"     The most impressive thing to that y
 241  Jun00 [email protected]     caucasus-biking--Dear Nathan, At the moment, i`m
 242  Jun00 To:[email protected]  Re: caucasus-biking--Fine with me, but these are
 243  May00 Jakub Kronenberg   bike trip--Hi Nathan, Having gone through your w
 244  Jun00 "DRILLBOY KIKO of  hello...--. hello... hey, i came across your 'in
 245  Jun00 "Pete Jones"       hey nathan--This is a multi-part message in MIME
 246  Jul00 [email protected]  your China tour site...--Hi, I did a search on "
 247  Jul00 Alex Tilson        Re: bike trip (fwd)---html--div-Dear Kuba,-/div-
 248  Jul00 Alex Tilson        Re: your china related site...---html--div-Sure,
 249  Jul00 Alex Tilson        Re: bike trip (fwd)---html--div-Dear Nathan,-/di
 250  Jul00 Alex Tilson        Re: cycle exp---html--div-Dear P Madhavan,-/div-
 251  Jul00 elizabeth carothe  question about Kathmandu--Hi Nathan, I found you
 252  Jul00 Alex Tilson        Re: question about Kathmandu (fwd)---html--div-D
 253  Aug00 "Doug Sage"        Kathmandu--Elizabeth, Further to Alex's comments
 254  Jul00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Hit time---html--div-Check out this web sit
 255  Aug00 [email protected]  Inner Asia Expedition Web page--Hi, I must thank
 256  Sep00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: Cycling in China ??? (fwd)----=============
 257  Sep00 Alex Tilson        One more--Dear Chris, One more thing: in case it
 258  Sep00 =?iso-8859-1?q?Ad  Cycling in China ???--Hi Nathan, Cyclingsiberia 
 259  Sep00 Alex Tilson        Fwd: All Turkmenbashi, All the Time---From: jtil
 260  Sep00 Alex Tilson        Re: Fwd: All Turkmenbashi, All the Time--Dear Na
 261  Sep00 cyber              Boarder crossings--Hello, I am also planning a t
 262  Oct00 "Guidolin-Jara, I  urgent--This message is in MIME format. Since yo
 263  Oct00 Alex Tilson        Re: Boarder crossings (fwd) - do we have a borde
 264  Nov00 To:Jamie I Fargen  Re: Bike Trip---
 265  Nov00 Alex Tilson        Re: Alex Tilson - bike trips--Dear Pavel, Good t
 266  Nov00 Alex Tilson        Re: Alex Tilson - bike trips--Dear Pavel, Thank 
 267  Oct00 Jamie I Fargen     Bike Trip---
 268  Nov00 Alex Tilson        Re:----=====================_33949635==_.ALT Con
 269  Nov00 "Doug Sage"        change--Howdy folks As of today, I am no longer 
 270  Nov00 Alex Tilson        Re: Alex Tilson - bike trips--Dear Pavel, Wow, g
 271  Dec00 Alex Tilson        Another idea--Dear Cameron, One more idea I had 
 272  Dec00 "uli_null_negativ  pedalglobal site--This is a multi-part message i
 273  Dec00 "PeaceBiker Tad"   PeaceBike -Inner Asia link--Hey, Nate, Tad here.
 274  Dec00 Alex Tilson        Re: PeaceBike -Inner Asia link (fwd)--Dear TAD, 
 275  Jan01 "Malt_E_Taz_King"  InnerAsia Expedition--Hi, I would like to know i
 276  Jan01 To:"Malt_E_Taz_Ki  Re: InnerAsia Expedition--- Hi, I would like to 
 277  Dec00 Alex Tilson        Re: pedalglobal site (fwd)----==================
 278  Dec00 Alex Tilson        Re: Alex Tilson - bike trips--Dear Pavel, Yes, O
 279  Jan01 Alex Tilson        Re: Cycle trip London to Tashkent----===========
 280  Feb01 [email protected]      Saw your web page on Central Asia----part1_99.10
 281  Feb01 "Doug Sage"        Re: Saw your web page on Central Asia (fwd)--Dae
 282  Feb01 Alex Tilson        Re: Saw your web page on Central Asia (fwd)----=
 283  Feb01 =?iso-8859-1?q?Ca  Do you still live here? Inner Asia advice--Hi gu
 284  Feb01 Alex Tilson        Re: Do you still live here? Inner Asia advice (f
 285  Feb01 Alex Tilson        More jpegs--Dear Nathan and Doug, Today I spent 
 286  Mar01 Alex Tilson        Re: Tandem in stans--Dear Cass, Glad to hear tha
 287  Jan01 Alex Tilson        Re[2]: Cycle trip London to Tashkent--Dear Eric,
 288  Mar01 Malcolm Roberts    inner asia expedition--I found your web page- it
 289  Mar01 Alex Tilson        Re: Need for information--Dear Cynthia, Sounds l
 290  Mar01 "Doug Sage"        Re: inner asia expedition--Howdy Malcolm, Four m
 291  Mar01 Alex Tilson        Fwd: biking (fwd)--Dear Carl, Glad to hear you l
 292  Mar01 "carl taylor"      biking--hello there, just found your web site...
 293  Apr01 Alex Tilson        Book to add--Dear Nathan, Please add this book t
 294  Apr01 "Doug Sage"        Russia final additions--This is a multi-part mes
 295  Apr01 Alex Tilson        Fwd: You've Been Sent An Article From The Onion-
 296  Apr01 Alex Tilson        Fwd: You've Been Sent An Article From The Onion-
 297  Apr01 "Tilson, Alex"     New website to hotlink to ours--http://www.fugaz
 298  Apr01 "Tilson, Alex"     RE: New website to hotlink to ours--Wow, way coo
 299  Jun01 =?iso-8859-1?q?Ke  Solar Solution Required----0-626891136-993666221
 300  Jun01 To:flaming_chario  Re: Solar Solution Required--I bought a pair of 
 301  Jul01 =?iso-8859-1?q?Ke  Re: Solar Solution Required--Hey Nathan, Thanks 
 302  10Sep Alex Tilson        Re: Bike info--Dear James, Glad to hear you foun
 303  01Sep =?iso-8859-1?q?gl  --Your trip in Asia is terrific? Have you inform
 304  05Sep "Stephanie Crelli  Inner Asia--Hello, Wow your expedition looks inc
 305  11Dec "Dennis, Guy"      --Nathan, Have been reading of your Inner Asia c
 306  28Dec [email protected]  Funny--Seriously! I am going to the Ukraine in a
 307  27Dec "Dennis, Guy"      RE: Inner Asia--Hi Nathan, Thanks for your reply
 308   Thu  "Rob Siganto"      email address for Owen Williams--Hi Nathan I am