September 30 55 km time 4:30
11,393 km to date
beyond Dalanzadagad, Mongolia
Out of town we take the wrong road and take a straight line across desert. Find proper road at dusk.

October 1
106 km time 7:15
11,499 km to date
Tsgd-Ovoo, Mongolia
Frozen water in morning. Follow power lines. Where'd they go. Army truck passes. Fill water in town of children only, camp 1 km beyond.

Sadder horse.

October 2
102 km time 6:30
11,601 km to date
not Huld, Mongolia
Fill up at ger and eat strong, hard cheese and kumus. Sunset camp, wind howls and picks up tent.
Doug thought that this was the wrong road, so they took off across the plains in what they hoped was the right direction.

October 3
104 km time 9:30
11,705 km to date
Mandalgovi, Mongolia
Toughest day of the trip. Howling headwind blows us off road. Spinning 10 km/in. Lunch at building for wind shelter. Reach town in darkness, monk speaks english. Stuff pillow in broken window frame

There was an old lady who lived in a yurt... The barrels are water.

October 4
ride 19 km 11,724 km to date
Jeep into desert for 150 km

October 5
111 km time 5:30
11,835 km to date
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
WAHOOOOOI awaken to -10C. Frozen water in pots, rice pudding is frozen solid. Bike is dying, down to 4 working gears. With town in sight we stop and eat bread, toasting every person we could think of from the last five months.

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