August 15
133 km time 7:10, climb 440m
8090 km to date
Belari, Nepal
After border crossing "shortcut" leads us down mud road and crossing mud rivers on "ferries". Hotel town, have to step over family watching tv in lobby.

August 16
129 km time 7:04, climb 890m
8219 km to date
Malekhu, Nepal 800 m
Meet Brett, the ultra flake from Colorado, taking yoga courses and out of tire patches. A goat eats my bananas from my hand.

Eating pineapple outside Katmandu.

August 17
75 km time 5:50, climb 1450m
8294 km to date
Kathmandu, Nepal
A rough day for me. Totally bonked early on. Spend all day climbing and spinning in first gear. Collapse at the Pooja Guesthouse, rec by Jeff, the Scotsman.

August 20
35 km time 2:15
8329 km to date
Dhulikhel, Nepal
Bike just enough to test new drive train and get out of town. Immediately leaving town cuisine regresses.
Dine at Snowview hotel with two Gemman sisters.

August 21
88 km time 7:00, climb 1865m
8417 km to date
Kodari, Nepal 2060m
Road worsens after 50 km of unexpected downhill. Rest of the day regaining it on marginal to poor dirt and mud.

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