August 22-23 60 km time two days, climb 3255m
8477 km to date
beyond Nyalam, Tibet 4400m
Impossible to describe the most fucked up two days of the entire trip. Still can't believe we pulled this one off.
Mountains of Tibet.

August 24
89 km time 7:00, climb 1270m, peak 5050m, 5100m
8566 km to date
before Tingri, Tibet 4600m
A single gear day. Head pounds at 25 km. Paranoid, we head south when we see army jeeps approaching. Meet the Bonn to Beijing jeep team for the first time

One tough Tibetian kid. He wore an earring and a bullwhip.

August 25
109 km time 7:00, climb 375m
8675 km to date
5 km beyond Tingri, Tibet 4520m
Checkpoints no problem, guards curious about dental floss. In Tingri fat cat tourists eat at expensive restaurant while we eat cheap, with the workers


August 26
85 km time 8:00, climb 111Om, peak 5200m
8760 km to date
Lhatze, Tibet 4240m
Morning slog through 50 m mudhole. Meet Swiss couple on road for 2 years then climb hard to 5221m - highest point of the trip. Meet Hiro in Lhatze.

Don't know what to say about this one.

August 27
118 km time 7:47, climb 655m
8878 km to date
35 km from Shigake, Tibet 4200m
Hiro bonks early, seems afraid of me after I throw a shovel at a kid who grabs my bike. Camp with German tour group. I'm exhausted, l lose the shortwave.

Snow on the Tibetian plains. Low 20's F.

August 28
130 km, climb 300m
9008 km to date
Gyantse, Tibet.
Part with Alex in Shigake, wanting to take the old road to Gyantse. Rough road, rain pours. Roads flood, rising past axle level. Gyantse "Carpet Makers Resthouse"

Horseriding skills parade.

September 1
61 km time 3:30, climb 500m
9069 km to date
down the road from Lhasa 41 70m
Late start after lunch at Tashi. Bloated, slow and hurting. Horse festival Camp at small village where "pull my finger" joke entertains onlooking children

Outside Lahsa.
Sad horse.

September 2
122 km time 7:00, climb 1185m, peak 4520 m
9191 km to date
20 km beyond Damxeung, Tibet, 4520m
Watch military prepare for visit from important guy in small village. Look for truck ride to Namco Lake. Camp oh hilltop next to prayer flags.


September 3
121 km time 7:00, climb 900m, peak 4950m, 4750m
9312 km to date
40 km from Nakchu 4800m
Up and down through river valleys and across parallel mountain ranges. One theater replaces another. Convoys pass constantly, "OKI OKI"


September 4
130 km time 6:24, climb 915m
9442 km to date
60 km from Amdo 4835m
Nakchu horse festival, Tibetans chase us through tent city. Meet southbound Japanese cyclist. Big sky, cool nights, we eat in tent bundled up.

Some of the dirtiest kids in the world. There was no food in this town.

September 5
117 km time 6:45, climb 1270m
9559 km to date
20 km from Tibet border, 51 80m
Descend 250m in 6km to Amdo, ugly riverbed town. At rest stop guy pulls large knife on me. Shelter in work camp as hail pelts our bikes.


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