Uzbek farmers.

June 24
148 km 7:15
3714 km to date
Buchara, Uzbekistan
Leaving town, crossing the Amu Darya river Brandt slips twice. Line up for border crossing, truckers having passed us days before applaud our precession. Visa problems ignite Al and Brandt. Al gets flat at lunch. Shit hole hotel makes us leave by 8 am. Raisa Gareeva rescues us and puts us up in her a/c apartment.

The market in Buchara. Plenty of food volume and variety, unlike the standard Soviet store which stocked about 10 items, 4 of which were edible.
June 25, 26

Buchara, Uzbekistan
Raisa's 17 year old son, Marcel gives us a catatonic city tour. Sit drinking bottomless cay at Labykhaus, with children jumping off gnarled, ancient trees into the stagnant cesspool


June 27
158 km time: 6:52
3872 km to date
1 day west of Samarkand
Crank problems leaving town. I break the 32 mm wrench removing BB. Uzbeks shout annoyingly from storefronts. Lunch in empty mud team. Rain pours, we sleep. No Brandt or Nathan, they bus it.

June 28
122 km time: 5:21
3994 km to date
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Riding quickly, no lagging riders. Farmers pass as we eat breakfast in a grassy pasture. First mountain views since Ascabat. Scenery changes to brown, grassy hills. Pull into empty bazaar for afternoon nap. Into town having ice cream a man recognizes us as friends of B & N and escorts us to house of Yuri Fyodorov

The ancient city of Samarkand.

June 29
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Lunch with the restoration construction workers at Bibi Khaum. Pork kebabs with soldiers at streetside khana.

June 30
167 km time 8:07
4160 km to date
Dzhizak, Uzbekisan
Dry, hot mountains through a river valley. Lunch at roadside khana where we abuse female service staff. Camp in field next to dry irrigation flume

July 1
139 km time 6:12
4300 km to date
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Night in the bank manager's office hosted be Alexi, Boris, and the good looking silent guy smoking 3 sum "Astra" cigarettes. Check in to Turon hotel recommended by German backpackers

July 2-4
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Nathan blows out.
(Nathan's note: Tashkent was one of my fonder memories of the trip, thanks mainly to the hospitality of the Peace Corps people there. Say hi to Norma for me if you go.)

July 5
129 km time 6:00
4429 km to date
Angren, Uzbekistan
Morning hills and a nap in a shaded park across from the market. Freshly paved asphalt frustrates efforts before lunch. Clean bikes with gasoline while waiting for Brandt.


July 6
141 km time 7:17, climb 1515m
4570 km to date
Pap, Uzbekistan
Morning climb up 19 km of switchbacks. Lunch at roadside khana at peak. 40 km downhill to Pap and China tour hats. "I try not to eat beef anymore...except when I want to."

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