Get all your visas before you leave. Each embassy requires around a month to process requests, and they have to be done in series (because they want your passport the whole time).

I don't claim that this is complete or accurate, but it will give you something to start with.

Photos = # photos required for visa
Stay = maximum allowed stay
Expiration = from date issued
Invitation = written invitation from a native

CountryPhone Cost Photos Stay Expiration Other
Turkey213 937-0118$2003 mo*6
India415 668-0683$4526 mo*1
Nepal202 667-4550$15115 days6 mo
Pakistan310 441-5114$2013 mo1 yr*1,*2
No invitation required
Kirgystan202 628-0433$30260 days
Turkmenistan202 737-4800$20120 days60 days
Invation required
Mongolia202 333-7117$6516 mo*2,*3
Russia415 929-0862$603*71 yr
Ukraine202 333-7507$6013 mo
Uzbekistan202 638-4266$6021 mo*4
Very difficult
China213 380-25072*8

1. need "Evidence of onward transportation"
2. need "certificate of financial ability from your bank" - letter from bank confiming assets >$1500 US
3. need letter stating won't stay longer than visa allows
4. 60 days from first entry
5. Do not date this form
6. Automatic approval at airport for US and Canadian
7. As long as requested and approved on visa
8. China requires every region you wish to travel through to be on your visa.


Torugart Pass - we got an explicit invitation to cross at Torugart from "Chi" at Sitara Travel in Vancouver, B.C. (604) 264-8747. (604) 264-7774 fax.

The rest of these are tour operators who have contacted me as a result of this web site. We have not dealt with any of them. They may be able to help get you visas.

The Mongolian Travel company Eden tours organizes adventure tours.

Travel & Culture Services Pakistan

Dostuck Trekking

Top-Asia-Tourist-Company charges $300 for two persons for the trip Torugart-Kashgar.

Tibet Foreign Trade Travel Service Beijing Office
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(Room 426, China Center of Tibetain Studies)
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Our business time is from 9 to 5.

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