IAX To Bring List

Food (Starter Kit) Clothes
2 lb salted cashews DuPont Hydroseal Waterproof socks
1/2 lb. Dried apricots mittens
10 big chocolate bars O.R. brand goretex mitten covers
32 oz. dry powdered milk fleece hat
30 tea bags rain jacket with hood
10 24 g. spice packs (alfredo, soup mix, sundried tomato and herb, parmesan) tights
1/2 lb sugar Helly Hansen coated nylon waterproof socks
2 lb pasta glasses with glasses strap and storage sack
1 lb rice lycra cycling shorts
1 lb peanut butter in plastic container 6 pair socks
450 ml. Cooking oil in plastic container 1 polypro long sleeve light shirt
cinnamon/nutmeg spice mix in small plastic container with shaker top 1 polypro long sleeve Patagonia heavy shirt
pepper in small plastic container washcloth
SPD shoes
Tools Tevas
patch kit (12 patches and 2 tubes glue) 1 pr. Undies
3 spare tubes (presta, 26 x 1.9-2.125) 1 pr. Hiking shorts
2 hacksaw blades 3 t-shirts
8 spokes Patagonia pull-over
5 ft. nylon rope
2 cordlocks Misc.
tube of crazy glue zipper pull thermometer
2 oz. triflow (liquid) bandana
4 ft. duct tape plastic cigar tube with end pieces to put $ into seat tube
4 ft. filament tape money belt
25 in. sq. wet/dry sandpaper 4 bungie cords of lengths x
small flat file ziploc full of 50 (total, postcards plus home/family/work pictures)
small round file 30 business cards
3 hose clamps of diff. sizes 1 credit card
spare front axel with bearings and skewer passport for each with all visas
spare rear axel with bearings and skewer Pass the Pigs game
10 zip ties 2 oz. camera tripod
spare flashlight bulb 15 rools 36 exposure slide film
2 large spice jars full of spare fastners
freewheel remover Sleep Bag
crank puller Foam pad
.08 fl. Oz. blue loctite 15 degree Sierra Design sleep bag
chain breaker one size #5 O.R. hydroseal stuff sack
2 toe clips
2 toe clip straps Tent
velcro pump strap North Face Bullfrog tent
spare rack mount u hooks (for bags) with groundcloth
spare bag mount u hooks (for frame braze-on) with rain fly
4 brake pads stuffed into one size #4 O.R. hydroseal stuff sack
shifter assy that can mount on stem
brake cable Kitchen Stuff
shift cable lexan spoons
carbon fiber kit (in soap dish, includes: lexan forks
carbon dry weave, tape, popsicle stick, plastic, peel ply, breather) metal serrated knife
carbon fiber resin containers (one part A, one part B) pot set (big pot with built in swivel out handle, small pot "", small pan"")
sew kit in film canister: patch material, needles, thread on a bobbin, button, safety pins in stuff sack
3 spare tire plastic mug
pot scrubbie
Easy Access Tools 2 containers camp suds soap
allen key kit 30 micron (thickest you can get) garbage bags, qty 3
small adjustable wrench 1 quart zipper pull ziploc bags, approx. 30
small vice grip pliers 1 gallon zipper pull ziploc bags, approx. 10
spoke wrench
pocket knife Saddle Bags
4 tire irons under seat bag
1 spare individual allen key for each size front Nashbar low riders
in small stuff sack with cordlock rear Nahsbar low riders
O.R. Hydroseal stuff sack #3 for extra stuff if it rains
28 AA Duracell Racks
4 C Duracell 3 bottle cages for water bottles
1 Duracell camera battery 2 1.5 liter bottle cages
1 spare cyclometer battery 2 bottle cages for fuel bottles
Jandd front rack
Water Stuff Blackburn rear rack
1 Dromedary water bag water guard for top of rear rack, made from 1.5 liter soda bottle
2 1.5 liter bottles
3 tall water bottles Printed Material
2 polar pure Medicine for Mountaineering
Lonely Planet Mongolian Phrasebook
Stove Stuff Lonely Planet Mandarian Phrasebook
XGK II Shaker model Lonely Planet Russian Phrasebook
2 fuel bottles Lonely Planet Turkish Phrasebook
stove spare parts (in film container) Lonely Planet Mongolia Guide
2 baby socks for top of fuel bottles Russian dictionary
2 lighters 5 pens
al;um. Foil heat shield reduced size copies of manual for camera, GPS, cyclometer
stove stuff sack waterproof notebook
TPC maps, precut and marked up
Toiletries broader overview roadmaps
roll toilet paper proposed itinerary spreadsheet
48 q-tips address list
100 yrds. Dental floss airline tickets
30 oz. #45 sunscreen
toothbrush First Aid Kit
.75 oz. toothpaste in O.R. brand zippered case
170 multi-vitamins tweezer
50 advil thermometer
50 advil
Electronics 1 shave cream
Cyclometer 16 bandaids
Grundig TRII digital shortwave radio iodine solution
storage case for Grundig 10 razor blades with one handle
Sony Sports Walkman with headphones toe nail clipper
8 music tapes in cases 12 immodium pills
Instamatic camera with 35-110 zoom lense 10 yds. Of 1/2" wide waterproof first aid tape
18 rolls 35mm slide film, ASA 100-200, 36 exposure 20 pepto-bismol pills
Magellan GPS with stuff sack 3 codeine pills
LED rear flasher 1 film container of foot powder
Petzel head flashlight 1 small container hand lotion
Cateye front rack mounted flashlight bactrine ointment
pregnazone pills - qty 36 at 10 mg. Each
cipro pills - qty 50 at 500 mg. Each